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Pest Control

Each service will include a thorough interior and exterior treatment unless you request otherwise. We will develop a treatment plan that takes into account your needs and the unique characteristics of your home or business. Services can be provided at whatever frequency you prefer. Monthly and quarterly treatment plans are the most common. We will not require you to sign a contact. We are confident you will continue to use our service because of our quality customer care. We guarantee our service. If unscheduled treatments are required we will perform them at our expense.

Reduced Impact Service

We can develop a plan to treat your home on the outside with a "Reduced Risk" material and use materials like boric acid and diatomaceous earth in cracks and crevasses. We can do some exclusion and sealing around windows and doors that will also help with pest entry. Many insect baits that use very small amounts of insecticide are also available to control ants and cockroaches. The interior of the home can be completely chemical free with glue traps used as the final line of defense and to monitor insect pressure.

Termite Control

If you are purchasing a home you should have it inspected for wood destroying organisms (WDO) If you are building a home this is a unique opportunity to do a preventative treatment for termites. There are several options for this type of treatment and some are extremely economical and can also help with other pests. If your home has termites we will develop a treatment plan specific to your situation. Each home and infestation is different. We will need to come do an inspection and develop a plan for you. Call us and schedule a free inspection.

Rodent Control and Exclusion

You may have more than one issue to address if you have a rodent problem. The obvious one is to get control of the existing rodent problems but to also address the structural issues that have allowed the rodents access. We can help you with both issues by dealing with the infestation first and then closing up entry points to prevent future problems. Call us to schedule an inspection so we can develop a plan for your home.

Weed Control

We apply pre-emergent herbicides for weed control in lawns. Timing is critical for these treatments to be effective. Treatments usually start in Late February and early March in the hill country. Pricing varies based on the size of the yard.

Fire Ant Control

We use an ATV with a power ant bait spreader to treat large areas for fire ants. Treatments are usually most effective in late spring and early summer when the ants are very actively foraging for food. Ant baits have a very low toxicity compared to spraying and treating individual mounds with conventional pesticides.

Bees, Mosquitoes, and Fleas

Each of these pests present their own challenges depending on your situation. We can develop a plan to deal with them for you. Please give us a call to schedule your inspection and discuss your unique issue.

Pest Problems?

We are committed to integrity and delivering results. If you've got pests, we can help!