All Pest Services

Residential Pest Control

We will work with you to develop a plan that is specific to your area and your expectations. We will service your home at whatever interval you prefer. The treatment interval we usually recommend is quarterly this seems to be sufficient to control most of our customers issues.

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Termite Control & Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDI’s)

We have strict requirements for what is needed on the WDIR. We will draw a diagram of the house and do a comprehensive inspection of your home inside and out looking for termite activity such as damage or dirt tubes. We will also be looking for conducive conditions that may be easy to fix and help prevent termite damage in the future.

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Commercial Pest Control

There are many types of commercial buildings. The type of treatment needed will often depend on what type of business is operating in that building. We will go through a few common ones for our area.

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Rodent Control

From Mice or Rats to Squirrels and many other rodent nuisances, we suggest getting on regular service so that we can make sure your needs are taken care of. Many of the homes in our area have a pier and beam foundation and we have found it both very time consuming and expensive for the customer to have us try and seal up every hole. Many times, a combination of sealing entry points, setting trapping, and maintaining bait stations around the home with provide the most efficient and cost-effective means of control.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are a common pest in our area they are a non-native invasive species that has done a lot of damage to our native wildlife. There are many different options with fire ant control our preferred method is the use of a broadcast bait. We spread a granular bait that gives you good control with little effort. We spread fire ant bait around all our regular customers homes to prevent the development of fire ant nests near the home. It is also a relatively inexpensive service for us spread it around your entire yard to give you good control throughout your property. We have several accounts where we treat many acres for fire ants.

We have a 4-wheeler with a spreader on the back so that we can treat large areas quickly. The best time to treat fire ants is in the spring and early summer as they are most active during this time. A yearly treatment will give you adequate control and is what we would recommend. If you would like to see little to no fire ant activity in your yard you may consider getting it done on a quarterly basis. If you are an existing customer and would like to add this service on to your quarterly treatment it can be very affordable if we schedule it when we are going out to spray your house already.


Mosquitos can be very tough to control and generally require a frequent application of insecticide to maintain low numbers. At the very least monthly treatments will be needed sometimes even weekly for optimal results. Therefore, mosquito control can get expensive. We will start with an inspection and determine where you tend to spend your time outside and where the mosquitoes will congregate. We will recommend changing out water in bird baths and water bowls to prevent mosquito breeding areas. A combination of fixing these conditions conducive to mosquito breeding. Many customers prefer to call when they want a treatment, maybe family is coming for the weekend or you know the next week you will be spending a lot of time outside.


Flea infestations usually occur during the warm months of the year. Flea treats require some prep from the homeowner to be successful. If you are getting the inside of your home serviced for fleas, we will need all pets and people to remain out of the house for a minimum of two and a half hours. We understand this can be inconvenient but to get the best success and to keep you safe this will be required. During the treatment on the interior of the home we will be spraying all the floors in the home. To do this effectively we will need the customer to pick up as many unnecessary objects off the floor as possible including shoes, toys, and clothing. Mopping post treatment will greatly reduce the efficacy of the insecticide we recommend resuming after 2 weeks. Do not expect immediate elimination of fleas it will usually take 10-14 days to get complete control. We do give you a 30-day guarantee on our indoor flea treatments. On the exterior of your home, we generally recommend treating as much of your property as possible. Getting your pets treated for fleas is highly recommended to prevent re-infestation.

Bed Bugs

Treating bed bugs may be the most challenging task we take on. Bed bugs are very resilient and have started to become significant issue in our area. This will require a considerable amount of time to do an inspection and to explain our plan to the customer. Substantial effort will be needed from the customer to be successful. Our initial visit will be focused on a thorough inspection, educating the customer, and developing a strategy for controlling the bed bugs. We will do two treatments spaced 10-14 days apart. Multiple active ingredients will be used with several different deliveries. It is recommended the customer not be inside the home during and two and a half hours after the treatment.

Weed Control

We apply pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring, timing is critical for the application to be effective. Treatment will usually begin late February and early March depending on the weather. Our most common complaint is grass burs, so this is what we focus on. A post-emergent will also be applied alongside the pre-emergent. This will control some of the weeds that have already sprouted. We can also do a non-selective post-emergent treatment on areas like driveways or rock landscapes.