Rodent Control


Realistically there are only two option when controlling populations of mice and rats baiting or trapping. Baiting is usually done on all our rodent services to provide long term control. We suggest getting on regular service so that we can make sure bait boxes still have adequate amount of bait. Bait will only be placed in a locked-up container that you need a special key to get into. This is to comply with the state and to make sure the bait is secured, and no pets, children, or non-target pest have access to it. Bait boxes will be placed in areas of activity and near entry points. The biggest issue with baits is that we do not have control over where the mouse or rat may perish. This could cause an odor that should subside within a few days for mice or maybe a week or so for a rat. Therefore, some customers choose traps. Trapping is more expensive because we must return to the house several times to check the traps. We will recommend trapping if we think that you have a high infestation of rodents to thin out the population before the use of bait. This will lower your chances of having a stink in a wall. Ideally, we would be able to seal up the entry points then trap the remaining rodents out of the home giving you a chemical free and long-term solution. However, this is not possible with every house. Many of the homes in our area have a pier and beam foundation and we have found it both very time consuming and expensive for the customer to have us try and seal up every hole. Many times, a combination of sealing entry points, setting trapping, and maintaining bait stations around the home with provide the most efficient and cost-effective means of control.


Squirrels are very difficult animals to trap because of their intelligence and athletic ability. Trapping squirrels will require an extensive inspection of the home. We will need to find what hole or holes the squirrel is using to gain access into the home more specifically the attic in most cases. Rock squirrels are also a nuisance in our area, and we are prepared to deal with them as well. We have found only one way in which we can trap them and that is through lethal means. We will not try and live trap a squirrel. With squirrels there will always be some type of exclusion. We prefer to do that ourselves unless it is past our skill level. The inspection time and the skill that is involved in trapping squirrels cause the cost of this service to be quite costly. Sadly, due to the unpredictable nature of animals successful trapping of the target animal is not always the outcome. We will do our absolute best to be fair and work as hard as we can to be successful for our customers.