Residential Pest Control

We will work with you to develop a plan that is specific to your area and your expectations. We will service your home at whatever interval you prefer. The treatment interval we usually recommend is quarterly this seems to be sufficient to control most of our customers issues.

What to expect

Our initial service to your home will start out with some questions about what kind of pests you see frequently. We will also perform an inspection of your home and property. We will agree on a price before we start the treatment. There is not an expensive initial price when you start with us like many of our competitors. Our typical treatment is a thorough treatment of the interior of the home using a combination of baits, glue boards, and the application of a liquid pesticide along the door thresholds and other entry points throughout the house. On the outside of the house, we will use baits and insecticides in both a liquid and dust formulations to control a wide variety of pest including scorpions, spiders, roaches, ants, and many other pests. We will generally try to control mice or rats with a bait at our cost then check the bait boxes during our regular treatments. A small fee may be required for you to purchase the equipment at cost. If you would like us to put out traps it will be an additional cost because of the extra trips it will take to check the traps.

The only pests that are not covered by your quarterly pest control treatment are wildlife, fleas, bed bugs, and termites. Preventive control is not practical for these pests and they require different types of treatment to control.

Not comfortable with regular treatments?

If you have concerns about insecticides in your home, we can still help you. We are always on the lookout for green materials that will provide good control but there is not much out there right now. We use baits whenever it is practical, and they use an extremely small amount of active ingredients. We recommend at least getting the outside of the home sprayed with conventional pesticides. How materials are applied also has a huge effect on how much exposure there is. Treating in cracks and under thresholds makes for extraordinarily little exposure. We can skip the insecticide on the interior of the home and just use glue boards which are effective at catching scorpions, spiders, and roaches. Also, they will let us know how many pests you have been having and which pests are getting in your house to help us further better your service.


We will let you know when your service is due you will not have to keep track of it yourself. Most of our communication for scheduling is by email but we also have customers we call or text.


We don’t need no stinking contracts. Our price plan is simple you pay us the agreed upon price and we will control your pests for that price. We are confident you will continue to use our service because of our quality customer care. If we have problems in between services, we will come back and fix it at our cost. We focus on customer service at Foss Pest Control. Our goal is to be the last pest control company you ever need.