Commercial Pest Control

There are many types of commercial buildings. The type of treatment needed will often depend on what type of business is operating in that building. We will go through a few common ones for our area.


This will be our most extensive treatment because of what restaurants do they are very susceptible to infestation from German roaches and rodents. Preventing these pests will be our primary focus during each visit. Most restaurants are treated on a monthly interval. On our initial visit we will assess whatever problem exists and treat with a combination of baits and a liquid insecticide. Whenever we do get the problem under control, we may continue to bait various problem areas for German roaches indefinitely to keep them from becoming a problem again. This treatment is focused indoors but when needed we will control rodents on the perimeter and keep the outside of your business looking neat free of cobwebs, wasp nests, etc...

Stores and Office Buildings

There is generally not large infestation at businesses like this most of the issues are seasonal such as crickets in late summer or early fall. Our focus is to keep your business looking clean at your entrance (no spider webs) and taking care of small issues as they arise. We recommend quarterly for most businesses like this.

Warehouses and storage facilities.

With these types of businesses, we will focus primarily on rodent control. Because of the construction of these types of facilities they are susceptible to rodent infestations. Many of these buildings have large roll up doors or even doors that stay open most of the day allowing rodents to get inside. We recommend an interior treatment as well which will allow us to see any problems that may arise.

Multi-Family Housing and Rent Houses

We have many customers that have us service their own home that also own rental property. For this type of service, it is common to do on a as needed basis which is fine with us. We will not make you sign a contract and can generally get out in a few days to take care of any issues. If a regular service is needed it is quite common for us to focus mainly on the perimeter of the building because of the ease on the tenant and owner with scheduling this is generally sufficient.